8 Reasons to Date an Adventure Enthusiast

They say the best things happen in the most unexpected ways, and always when you least expect it.  In addition to all of the glorious beauty and breathtaking views that are promised, nature continues to present me with so many other wonderful and amazing things.  Every time I’m out there in the wild, I find something unexpected and magical, which is only part of what keeps me going back.  It’s always my intention to go out without much of plan – I like the excitement of letting the adventure unfold however it may.  And when first I dove into this lifestyle, it wasn’t long before I met many other likeminded people, some of whom I’ve developed unexpected and awesome friendships with.  But honestly, I never dreamt that my love for the mountains and adventure would bring me another kind of love...  Turns out, what they say is true!  So here, I’ve compiled 8 reasons to date an adventure enthusiast, based on my own experience.


1.      The time you spend together is truly quality.  What better way to get to know that special someone than by sitting around the campfire, climbing up a mountain side, or sunbathing at the edge of an alpine lake? (Or in one if you’re both brave enough!)  This time you spend together is really as one-on-one as it gets.  There’s ample time for conversation and little to no opportunity for distraction.  It’s just the two of you, tackling the goal you’ve set together, or just riding out the adventure with each step forward.

 2.       They’re appreciative.  Lovers of the outdoors really do understand that less is more.  Material possessions are of much less importance to them than they are to others.  They fully understand that it’s not money that buys us happiness, but rather the experiences we submerge ourselves in.  It’s an unknown trail, or summiting a new mountain, or lying in a field of wild flowers, basking in the sunshine that brings them true joy.  To a nature loverr, a simple life is the best life.

3.       They make the best of everything and every day.  Outdoor enthusiasts aren’t complainers.  Sure, everyone runs into less than ideal situations or finds themselves stuck in a rut from time to time - that’s just part of life.  It’s in their nature to always remember that rough times generally lead to unexpected and wonderful blessings.  They also understand that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable.  But rain or shine, they take it for what it is and make it a part of the fun.  These are the times that make the good ones even more extraordinary.  And sharing these times with each other makes for long lasting memories that you can laugh about for years to come.

4.      They’re low maintenance.  Yes, everyone loves a hot shower and fresh out of the drier clothes.  But those who love the outdoors don’t mind going without showers and clean clothes for a few days or more.  I said goodbye to my makeup, blow drier, and curling iron a long time ago.  And I dig the way my man just throws his hair in a top knot and slides on an old tee shirt and is ready to hit the trail. These kinds of people embrace the natural look daily, even while we’re not out climbing mountains and rock hopping along rivers.  Also, because they’re so immersed in their element and having fun, they don’t require a ton of undivided attention.  It’s really a win for the both of you!  

5.      They’re up for a challenge.  Outside, the activities are endless – Camping, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, rafting, snowboarding, fishing, mountain climbing, you name it, we love it and we’re up for it all!  One of the best parts about any kind of adventure is the challenge.  And conquering a challenge together only makes you both stronger, individually and as a couple.  Whether it’s a longer hike, a higher mountain, or tougher terrain, you’re in it together, and the love you each have for it encourages and pushes the other to achieve.  

6.      You’ll stay healthy and active.  Several studies have proven that being outdoors makes for healthy bodies and happy souls.  Spending time in nature is guaranteed to improve creativity, increase cognitive function, and boost your mood, as well as strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure.  And on top of all that, outdoor adventuring requires you to constantly be moving your body which keeps you in optimum physical shape.  What better way to maintain such a happy and healthy lifestyle than with your lover?!

7.      You’ll save money.  Fancy dinners, new movies, and drinks on the town?  No way!  Ok, maybe occasionally…  But for the majority of the time, dating a fellow outdoor adventurer doesn’t require an expense every time you want to go out together.  They’re happiest exploring the Earth and all of its awesome (and free!) elements.  And as said before, it’s the best kind of quality time you can spend together.  Plus, with all the money you save dating outdoors, you can afford to take a week off work for that backpacking trip you’ve both been wanting to do. Bonus!

 8.      They admire and appreciate nature to the fullest extent.  Dating someone who’s in tune with all that the outdoors has to offer, can help you let go of that 9-5 hustle and bustle you dread so much each week along with all of the other day-to-day distractions we sometimes get lost in.  They’ll help you make friends with the trees, see the true beauty in lakes and rock formations, hear the eloquent sound of music in silence, and help you connect with Mother Earth in the most unimaginable and soul changing ways.  For me, sharing so much love for the outdoors as my man does has been the absolute greatest connection I’ve ever shared with another person.  I truly believe that it not only continues to strengthen and better my own self, but also the relationship I have with him.   

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.”  

-John Muir

Brittanee, xo

GirlTribe Collaborator, Colorado, @brittaneemichele